Herbal Healers

Medicinal plants are a significant source of therapeutic and healing agents since time immemorial. Tribal and rural community acquire incredible knowledge on folklore medicines and Phyto-power in non-documented form from their parents. The secrets of Tribal Alchemy and various traditions of herbal healing from Central India are followed and passed down generations through herbal healers and Bhumka's.

A Bhumka is a term for a traditional tribal or herbal healer in the valley of Patalkot, Central India. The valley is mainly home to members of the Bharia and Gond tribes.

Tribes from Central India use herbal medicine, under the auspices of a herbal expert and holy man known as a Bhumka.

Apart from Bhumka's every tribal home makes their own recipes and have secrets of Alchemy buried in their day to day lives.

Another tribe, Korku, for centuries, have laid their faith in traditional healers and priests that are an indispensable part of Khandwa district in Madhya Pradesh. Bhumka Baba (Traditional Healers) practice different types of traditional healing practices for curing physical, spiritual, cultural, psychological, emotional and social elements of illness.

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