1. Importance of Cleansing

    While Cleopatra of Alexandria bathed in milk and honey to give her skin the radiance it rightly deserved, the forest dwellers of Satpura and Vindhya are also privy to a secret or two of their own.

    Importance of Cleansing
  2. 9 Tips (that actually work) to keep your skin hydrated & glowing in summer

    Summer means beach days, travel, hiking, nature walks, road trips, picnic, and swimming! But proper attention to our skin is essential during these scorching days. Here we have compiled for you our best-hidden summer skincare secrets:

    9 Tips (that actually work) to keep your skin hydrated & glowing in summer
  3. Cherish the Cherimoya!

    The benefits of Cherimoya has hypnotised tribal lands for long. Grown abundantly in the wild forests of Satpura by an array of tribes, Cherimoya (or Custard Apple) has been a source of delight since time immemorial. From being depicted on a bas relief in the Bharhut Stupa and Sanchi sculptures to being Abul Fazl’s muse muse in Ain-i-Akbari, Cherimoya finds itself to be at the centre of attention for centuries.

    Cherish the Cherimoya!
  4. Central India A Treasure Trove

    Central India is where the lush green jungles of Satpura and Vindhya entrance the onlookers, where the warmth of the River Goddess Narmada coddles one, where many tribal communities find their humble abode in the plains of Chattisgarh.

    Central India A Treasure Trove

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